Review: Double Booked For Death by Ali Brandon

Book: Double Booked For Death
Series: Black Cat Bookshop Mystery #1
Author: Ali Brandon
Date of Publication: December 6th, 2011
Source: library ebook

Rating:  4.5/5 Beans

Short Summary:

As the new owner of Pettistone’s Fine Books, Darla Pettistone is determined to prove herself a worthy successor to her late great-aunt Dee…and equally determined to outwit Hamlet, the smarter-than-thou cat she inherited along with the shop. Darla’s first store event is a real coup: the hottest bestselling author of the moment is holding a signing there. But when the author meets an untimely end during the event, it’s ruled an accident-until Hamlet digs up a clue that seems to indicate otherwise…


My Thoughts:

Ali Brandon has created a well-thought out place and events that had me asking what next at every turn.  Surprising me with little details and with big plot twists without much of a warning.  Her characters were believable and her plot was realistic, if not unforeseen due to certain details (which shall be withheld due to spoilers).

The characters were well thought out and Hamlet was my favorite by far. I ended up believing that he was much smarter than the average cat and used the books in order to communicate which is pretty ingenious, especially for a bookstore cat. I wasn’t sure what to do with Detective Reese, he sounded like he could have been cute but I ended up glad that the romance in this book was not a focus or really a part, I think it would have ruined my feelings about Darla. I’m normally one who ships couples on the spot but I really didn’t during this book, which had me concentrating more on the story than anything else (always good!). Darla herself had me smiling at times and silently ‘doh’-ing (now a thing).  Jake was a fun character who had me smiling several times simply because of her personality.  She was so laid-back about general things, but still kept crowds in order without a problem, not to forget her tomboy-ish attitude, which alone set her apart from so many of the ‘sidekicks’ in the majority of mysteries.  

Brandon painted a complete scene for the reader to imagine what was going on each page.  However, the beginning was a bit slow to take off.  So much of the start was spent wondering what was going to happen that I nearly forgot it was a murder mystery.  Yet, as soon as the deceased was discovered the plot moved along quite quickly.  I am quite excited to see where this series goes!  It receives 4.5 beans from me and I can’t wait to see what Hamlet brings on next!

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