Review: The Newbie (A Kyrie Carter Paranormal Mystery #1) by Leta Hawk

27137690Book: The Newbie
Series: A Kyrie Carter Paranormal Mystery #1
Author: Leta Hawk
Date of Publication: October 2, 2015
Publisher: Booktrope
Genre: paranormal, mystery, adventure
Source: Enchanted Book Promotions
Pages: 231

Rating: 5/5 Beans
5Bean - Copy

Short Summary:

Kyrie Carter can’t believe her luck when she wins a spot on a paranormal investigation with celebrity ghost hunter Drac Petery and his heartthrob brother Gabe. As the investigation begins, her main obstacles are her unsupportive teammates and her lack of ghost hunting experience. Her biggest critic is the ruggedly handsome but enigmatic Spook Steele, who takes an instant and intense dislike to the newbie and seems determined to see her fail.

However, Kyr soon realizes that her flesh-and-blood rivals are the least of her worries. The investigation takes a dark turn when the team finds evidence of a decades-old murder mystery, and Kyr becomes the victim of the resident spirit’s violent attacks. The discovery of a family connection to the Berkeleys explains the spirit’s malevolence.

Will Kyr be able to help the Peterys unravel the mystery and put the Berkeley mansion spirits to rest, or will she become another victim of the house’s tragic history? And will she be able to sort out her romantic feelings for the off-limits Gabe and her growing but unwelcome attraction to Spook Steele?

My Thoughts:

I had planned on setting aside several short periods of time to read this book one day, since it didn’t seem like a complicated read and it wasn’t too long.  Little did I know that I would get drawn into the story and wouldn’t have a ghost of a chance in putting it down until the end.  I make myself laugh (and cringe).  I seriously did not put that book down after about chapter three.

That being said, I won’t lie, Kyrie Carter got on my nerves big time (hence the not getting seriously into it until chapter three).  She’s a star-struck fangirl at first and I can’t help but cringe at that (I’m not the world’s best fangirl, apologies).  She grew on me a bit after we started to get to know her, but it was definitely a rough start. Much like her relationship with Spook Steele.  I’m not sure what it is about him, but he appealed to me right away as a character and I would love to sit down and have lunch with him…..and Gabe….and Drac….ok, Kyr can come too. But in all seriousness, I’m anxious to learn a bit more about Spook, not to mention his name?? Gabe and Drac reminded me so much of older brothers that it was adorable, I’m not sure if they were more older siblings to Spook or Kyr, but the relationship between the four was adorable and I loved every moment of it, all the way down to the fighting.

Ok, onto the cool stuff that made this book what it is: the ghosts.  Now, this isn’t a spoiler if you read the description of the book itself, but there are a few sightings and all I have to say are wow! It was so well written and as a believer myself, I can honestly say it would be terrifying and thrilling at the same time!

I shall refrain from writing more to avoid spoilers.  In summary, this book receives a five out of five beans from me and I can’t wait to start the second (be ready for that review next week!) and see what the future holds in store for these characters.

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