ARC Review: The Jekyll Revelation by Robert Masello ~~ All The Famous Authors and Jack the Ripper

31076848Title: The Jekyll Revelation
Author: Robert Masello
Date of Publication: November 8, 2016
Publisher: 47North
Genre: fiction, horror, mystery. supernatural
Pages: 477
Source: NetGalley


Short Summary:

While on routine patrol in the tinder-dry Topanga Canyon, environmental scientist Rafael Salazar expects to find animal poachers, not a dilapidated antique steamer trunk. Inside the peculiar case, he discovers a journal, written by the renowned Robert Louis Stevenson, which divulges ominous particulars about his creation of The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. It also promises to reveal a terrible secret—the identity of Jack the Ripper.

Unfortunately, the journal—whose macabre tale unfolds in an alternating narrative with Rafe’s—isn’t the only relic in the trunk, and Rafe isn’t the only one to purloin a souvenir. A mysterious flask containing the last drops of the grisly potion that inspired Jekyll and Hyde and spawned London’s most infamous killer has gone missing. And it has definitely fallen into the wrong hands.

My Thoughts:

I received a copy of this novel for review, which does not alter my opinions in any way.

(Story time!!! There is a point I promise!!) When I was in college, I took a class called Monsters, Myths, and Movies and one of the classics we read was The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Mr Robert Louis Stevenson. I would highly recommend reading that book before delving into this monster.

In his newest novel, Robert Masello brings us back to the time of the writing of several classics such as DraculaTreasure Island, and The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.  He shows us the world in which the authors live and a possibility for how the inspiration came about.  Not to mention he brings in Jack the Ripper as a small role but still a major part of the story.  With classic characters like Robert Louis Stevenson Oscar Wilde, and Bram Stoker we witness where this version of Stevenson spent his life and found his inspiration. Along side this story we are told, in an alternating narrative, a modern day story of a Rafe, an environmental scientist, who is trying to save coyotes in Colorado.  These two stories are so different yet also match up in strange and shocking ways.

At the end, Masello provided a note that was good to note: not all of his facts were true fact and should not be taken as that.  This is a fiction story.  But honestly it was awesome! I enjoyed how the two stories matched up and were able to almost come together in the end.  However, that was my issue and why the story did not get the five beans award from me.  I highly disliked the ending.  It felt forced and random and just did not sit well with me at all.  The rest of the book was amazing, but this ending….argh!!

Complex, intriguing, historical, witty, and with the touch of gruesome that makes your skin crawl just enough.  I enjoyed this book immensely and recommend it to anyone who enjoys historical fiction with a bit of the supernatural horror mixed in. One word: werewolves, my friends, werewolves ❤  4.5 out of 5 beans from me.

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