Review: Sword in the Stacks (The Ninja Librarians #2) by Jen Swann Downey ~~ Wibbly-Wobbly Timey-Wimey

21991200Title: Sword in the Stacks
Series: The Ninja Librarians #2
Author: Jen Swann Downey
Date of Publication: June 7, 2016
Publisher: Jabberwocky
Genre: fiction, middle grade, fantasy
Pages: 384
Source: NetGalley


Short Summary:

Now official apprentices of the Lybrariad, Dorris and Marcus have joined Ebba in the immense time-folding labyrinth known as Petrarch’s Library for the Summer Quarter.

Dorrie is eager to do well at her practicums, and prove her worth as an apprentice, but before she can choose between “Spears, Axes, and Cats: Throwing Objects with Precision and Flair” and “First and Last Aid: When No One Else Is Coming”, mistakes made by Dorrie in the past cause trouble for the lybrarians.

The Foundation, once nearly destroyed by the Lybrariad, now has the means to rise from its ashes, and disappear reading and writing from the world. To make sure it succeeds, the Foundation sets in motion a dark plan to increase the power of a cruel figure from the fifteenth century.

To stop the Foundation, Dorrie, Marcus and Ebba will have to burglarize Aristotle, gather information among the suffragists and anti-suffragists of 1912 London, and risk their lives to wrest a powerful weapon out of the Foundation’s hands – all while upholding the Lybrariad’s first principle of protecting all writing, appreciated or despised. If they fail, reading and writing will only be the first things to disappear. 

My Thoughts:

This book was given to me in exchange for an honest review and that has not altered my opinion in anyway.

I am surprised to say that this book was excellent as far as sequels go.  I’m not usually one for sequels, usually I don’t go for them much at all, but this one was so well done and a quick read…once I had sit down time.  This book starts off not long after the last one ended.  This time it starts with the Lybrarians visiting Dorrie and Marcus at their house to inform them that they in fact will be coming back as apprentices this year after nearly destroying everything before when they accidentally ended up in the Lybrary.  While the two are excited to come back for their apprenticeships there’s still a lot that they have to make up for and with the Foundation becoming an even bigger threat, Dorrie, Marcus, and their friends must work together to figure out what they are planning while still attending classes and practicums and going on small missions of their own.

Basically this book took me back to being a twelve year old, engrossed in an adventure complete with sword fighting, potions, magical creatures (creatures made of magic like stuff?), and time travel.  Seriously, this series has my attention and I am loving it so much.  There is extreme character development in mostly Dorrie and, surprisingly, Millie.  Dorrie is feeling the pressure of her mistake from her and Marcus’ first visit to the Lybrary, and when she ends up apprenticed with the last person she would expect, the bond she ends up forming with them is quite adorable and awesome!  Millie turns into a person I had not expected (leaving it there to avoid spoilers). But I did feel as though Marcus got forgotten in this book a little, just as though he would appear every so often and Ebba almost took his place as Dorris’s partner in crime.

We traveled to more worlds and met new Lybrarians and the connections to all the different aspects of each detail was amazing!  Down to my favorite part of this book: the Scooby Doo library!!  It’s two of my favorite things combined!  From this mischievous mini library to pulling camels out of books and riding them across a desert, this book has the adventure you would want in any middle grade ninja librarian book!

I really can’t wait to see where Jen Swann Downey takes the next book (there will be another right??) and where our apprentices end up next quarter.  Four point five beans out of five from me!

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