Stacking the Shelves

Stacking the Shelves [54]

I got rid of two boxes of books last week, and just on time because I got another box in the mail.  I’m helping my lovely shelves grow and I now am happy to report that I have an entire shelf devoted to Tamora Pierce and her books! I don’t have all of them…yet, but I want to get my hands on the newer covers that are so pretty!! But I do enjoy having all of the books on my shelf and I can’t wait for more of them!! So I’m gonna start there.

153784First Test (Protector of the Small #1) by Tamora Pierce

I believe this is the start to her newest series, which I have read. Or more, I have read the first book.  It’s about the first girl who is allowed into the Tortall army as an actual girl.  In a previous series, Alanna masqueraded as a man in order to gain access to the army.  Kel is up against people who think that there is no place for a woman in the King’s army. However, as you end up learning through the story, Kel is not a girl to be sidelined. This book is also a lot shorter than I thought it was. But I will say that these new covers are just super pretty and awesome and I really love them!

Page (Protector of the Small #2) by Tamora Pierce962452

This is the second book in the Protector of the Small series, obviously, and I haven’t read this yet. According to the description, there are the beginnings of romantic feelings towards her best friend, which seems to be a running theme in Ms. Pierce’s books.  I look forward to this one. That’s a theme in her books that I really enjoy is that there is romance but it never takes over the entire story. Kal still struggles with the problems that come up as she starts her second year in training to become a lady knight.

773686Squire (Protector of the Small #3) by Tamora Pierce

This book makes me super excited when I read the description because one of my favorite characters comes back and I can’t held in my excitement.  I won’t spoil it, but one of the characters from the Alana series comes back and takes Kal as a squire. While this isn’t the most surprising thing as I look back, I’m so excited and have a feeling that it will be a wonderful read!! I do find it also interesting that this description reveals that she is also super tall, which makes her knight partner even more of an awesome thing!

Lady Knight (Protector of the Small #4) by Tamora Pierce773688

The final installment of the Protector of the Small series and there’s no real way for me to give you  a summary without giving away what I’m learning about what happens in the other books.  However, this book has some of the best reviews of the entire series that I have ever seen on Goodreads. From what I understand, this book is the total epitome of what it is that this amazing woman is capable of.  I’ve heard from multiple people that this book is one of Tamora Pierce’s best works and that the ending and the entire story itself is one that should go down as the top in ya literature.  That in it of itself should make you want to read her books, not just because I keep saying to…

8396340Tortall and Other Lands: A Collection of Tales by Tamora Pierce

I’m so excited for this book because it’s literally a series of short stories that take place in the world that Tamora Pierce creates in her several series. I love the land she has created and I’m looking forward to hearing stories from those who may not be directly connected to the palace and to those who life in it.  There’s so much to each of these stories and there’s so much going on outside of them that I feel like there will be some really great content here. Plus, I’m a fan of the cover as well…

Horns by Joe Hill6587879

I honestly bought this book because I’ve heard that it’s super creepy.  While horror isn’t something that I tend to read a lot of, it’s something that I’d like to get into reading more. I’ve heard that Joe Hill is the way to go. I first saw this on a list of books to read before being made into motion picture movies.  This one caught my eye.  A boy who suddenly grows horns after going on a drinking binge is accused of his girlfriend’s rape and murder, and even though he is never sent to trial, everyone considers him to be guilty.  I believe that in this story he attempts to figure out just who murdered his girlfriend? I’m really curious what caused the horns and what happens to him.  Maybe I’ll even watch the movie after this one!

10194157Shadow and Bone (The Grisha Series #1) by Leigh Bardugo

I read this book a few weeks ago and as soon as I finished it, I found the first two on BookOutlet for discount and I couldn’t say no. Seriously, I loved this book.  There is a review for it up on Goodreads because I do try and post a review of each book I read up there even if I don’t post one up on this site. Basically this is a story about a girl who possesses a sort of magic that is rumored to not exist and everyone suddenly wants her around. She is separated from a childhood friend and pushed into a world that she doesn’t quite understand.  But when the truth surfaces, basically shit goes down and suddenly she’s once again unsure of who to trust and what to do.

Siege and Storm (The Grisha Series #2) by Leigh Bardugo14061955

I haven’t yet read this second book in the series, but I figured that since it’s on my list, I will be reading it son anyways. Not to mention, this cover is so awesome!! I’ve become a big fan of Leigh Bardugo’s writing and have a feeling that anything written will be read by me. Looking at the summary, this book doesn’t seem quite as interesting, but the second book I feel is always an awkward one to read (and write) but I’m looking forward to seeing where this series heads and what happens to the land that is now unsure of what to think.

23502050100 Days by Nicole McInnes

You guys have no idea how excited I am to finally have this book. I featured it over a year ago when I first heard about it as a book I was looking forward to getting released last year (I’m a bit slow…) and when I saw it as a hardback I couldn’t say no.  This is the book about three unlikely friends: Agnes who only has 100 days left to live, Moria who is Agnes’ best friend and a super tall gothically dressed girl, and Boone who used to be friends with the girls but did something to turn them away from him. But then the three of them are brought back together and romance blooms and friendships are put to the test and I’m just super excited thread this book!!

The House of Silk (Sherlock Holmes #1) by Anthony Horowitz12417076

I ended up picking up this one because the second book caught my eye, which you can read about a paragraph down. However, as I looked into this series, it does sound interesting. Anthony Horowitz, for those of you who don’t know, wrote the Alex Rider series which I read as a child with my mother.  He is a wonderful writer and from what I understand this is a new (?) Sherlock Holmes story.  I don’t want to get too much into the plot because I have not idea what it is as of now, but I enjoy Sherlock Holmes and this one does sound super interesting.

22535533Moriarty (Sherlock Holmes #2) by Anthony Horowitz

This captured me by the cover and the title.  I have watched Sherlock and this cover is so pretty and so Sherlock Holmes-esque that I can’t help but want to know what happens.  This is the story of what really happened between sherlock and Moriarty that night. Moriarty is apparently out of the picture and this leaves room for a new crime leader in the underground and I guess that’s what this book looks at, which seems pretty interesting to me and i can’t wait to see what happens and who this fateful new criminal is and what he (or she) is capable of.

Novice (The Summoner #1) by Taran Matharu22297138

Look guys! Another book series that has gotten super awesome reviews that I have yet to start! Go figure… This book had a lot of hype for the first one and it has slowly tapered off I believe there are three of them in the series.  I haven’t heard bad things about this book, so I’m pretty excited to give it a try. Apparently this is about a blacksmith’s apprentice discovers that he can summon demons and travels than academy where those with powers learn how to use them.  It sounds like the majority of these children are the children of novels and so there’s politics and drama and the fear of being betrayed around every corner.  Honestly, the cover is pretty cool too.  I’m a sucker for a good cover.

I also got a few non-fiction books because it’s no good to be ignorant as to the world, even if it’s just history.  But history is a thing that I do enjoy reading about.

7763489Tales from a Tin Can: The USS Dale from Pearl Harbor to Tokyo Bay by Michael Keith Olson

Look guys! I read stuff that’s not ya!! Actually, history has been a big interest and passion of mine for as long as I can remember and World War II has been at the center of that interest for years now. I can’t exactly pinpoint when I became fascinated but I will say that I can’t help but read whatever I can about World War II.  I’ve studied the Holocaust itself to the point of shocking many of my friends with random facts, but I don’t know really too much about the US’ side, mostly because my classes focused on the European side.  I saw this and vaguely recall having a college professor talk about it so I figured I would give it a try.  I’m thinking of doing a historical feature on this blog or making something completely different to concentrate on my historical interests. Thoughts?

414048Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything You American History Textbook Got Wrong by James W Loewen

I heard about this book ages ago, it came out in the mid-1990s and I’ve been wanting to get my hands on a copy for a while.  I’m not exactly sure why I haven’t just picked up a copy before now, but it is what it is and I have one now.  I will say that it is bigger than I thought it would be. But this is supposed to be a book all about what we are not taught about in history classes and since my American History class was…lackluster at best (bad teacher, long story short: he picked favorites and I wasn’t one of them, even the colleges knew to disregard those grades when looking at our transcript…), I figured that this can’t hurt much, plus sounds like it could be interesting!


What have you guys gotten your hands on lately?

2 thoughts on “Stacking the Shelves [54]

  1. Wow, so many books! And so many by Tamora Pierce, awesome 🙂 I have only read 2 of her series, the Song of the Lioness & The Immortals but loved them both! Oh, and the Circle of Magic 🙂

    That Novice book… doesn’t sound too bad, and it has a school setting, that’s always cool!


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