Review: Phoenix Awakens (The Phoenix #1) by Eliza Nolan ~~ Twilight with a Cult

26305543Title: Phoenix Awakens
Series: The Phoenix #1
Author: Eliza Nolan
Date of Publication: October 12, 2015
Publisher: E.N. Publications
Genre: ya, fantasy, teen, paranormal, romance
Pages: 298
Source: NetGalley
Rating: 1/5



Short Summary:

Julia Long’s senior year is starting with an extra dose of crazy. First, there are the creepy dreams about bloody cult rituals. Then, her new classmate and crush, Southern charmer Graham, shows up in her nightmares as the sacrificial victim. And these dreams seem to be telling her she’s supposed to save him, when in real life she can barely talk to the guy.

One thing’s for sure, Graham is mysterious. He and his sister are tight-lipped about their time in the south, and Julia suspects they’re on the run from something or someone. As her dreams intensify, Julia begins to manifest strange abilities, and when Graham is near, they kick into overdrive.

There’s no more denying it. Not only is Julia falling for Graham, but she has a magical connection to him. A connection that will put them both in mortal danger when Graham’s dark past finally catches up with him. 


My Thoughts:

I received this book in exchange for an honest review, which has not altered my opinion.

I’m honestly not sure why I thought this was a good book for me to read, but I did and I requested it a while ago and am finally reading it.  I should have read it, because this is a book almost identical to  Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight, and I couldn’t even finish it. I got over half way, hoping that it would change and get better, but I sadly say that for me it just didn’t.

I couldn’t identify with any of the characters, and I couldn’t help but find myself super annoyed with them all the time. I just had trouble getting into the story in general and couldn’t really find anything I liked except the idea of the Pheonix.  I think there was a great idea here, but the way it was written about was just not a thing I got into. Lesson learned here: don’t join a cult and then run away, kids.

I would also like to say that this was not my cup of tea, where others would truly enjoy it, I just didn’t. I would highly recommend this for any fan of Twilight or City of Bones or fans of paranormal and romance (of the intense and sudden type).  I didn’t finish this book but I encourage others to give it a try.

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