Top Ten Tuesday

Covers That Have Me Running Away

While I explained my addiction to cover buying last week, I figured I would continue to follow Top Ten Tuesday and go with the opposite: covers that have turned me away from a book or series.  This is a habit I’m trying to break, friends, but it’s proving quite difficult. These are in no certain order other than the order I came up with them in.

~Paranormal Romance~

I’m not exactly sure what it is, but after Twilight, I just really can’t anymore. I dislike the trope of a paranormal boyfriend who stalks his love interest and watches her sleep and manages to get her to fall in love with him. I mean several of them bring nothing but trouble anyways and I feel like that kid from the Cutie’s commercials who watch their friends make poor decisions and look on without pity.  You’re gonna start dating a 300 year old guy?  Chances he’s not a saint…you have fun there, I’ll pass.


I’m sorry, I find the dolls similar to Chuckie creepy and have no desire to add possessed or demonic dolls to things that creep me out when I can’t sleep.  When it comes to other types of dolls, I was a strange child and my best memories of barbie dolls was my closest friends and I putting them in LEGO cages and throwing down the stars…after making them mummies with toilet paper. So…yea, I’m just not going to go further with that.


Is that really necessary to put a woman wearing nothing but her hands or her love interest’s hands? I thought that as a community we would expect more. Even the random ones with naked dolls make me do a double take. I guess it’s just something that I don’t understand, but I’m going to be passing over those. I’m going to add covers with people undressing to this, which also os probably part of the reason I also stay away from erotica.  It’s really just not my taste.


I tried these several years ago, I can do western movies for a little bit, but they really are just not my thing. Which is strange because I love the idea of cowboys, but I guess the drama of it and the intense amount of apparent red dust isn’t that attractive in a story setting.


I know this is a touchy topic for many people, but it is something that I stay away from. While I have no set labeled beliefs, I’m pretty agnostic and plan on staying that way, so books that feature a heavy influence on religion really hold no interest for me.  I’ll keep my personal opinions to myself and you keeps yours when it comes to religion, honestly it’s not something I want to read about.

~Zombies and Dystopian~

These were ruined for me through the early 2000s with the book world basically getting flooded with books about the end of the world and zombie outbreaks and that one person who might be able to stop the wars! I’m very much over all of this and I have yet to find a book or show or anything that has convinced me to change my mind in this matter.

13 thoughts on “Covers That Have Me Running Away

  1. Completely agree with you on so many of these! I don’t do Westerns too! I didn’t even think of it, lol. The only Western I’ve liked is Under A Painted Sky by Stacey Lee which features 2 WOC on the run. I’ve mostly never tried Western books because I din’t enjoy the movies. But also with paranormal and nudes and dolls. Like please no. It’s 2017. We have pictures THAT MOVE please tell me you can think of something better than nude people and creepy dolls that move.

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    1. Haha I’m glad I’m not the only one! I took a film class and just disliked learning about westerns and it stuck with the books. And moving picture books sound amazing!!!


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