Stacking the Shelves

Stacking the Shelves [58]

Hey guys, I did better this week as far as getting books, although making friends with a bookstore owner might not help me quite as much… Oh well!

For Review:

34106336Sidetracked by Diana Harmon Asher

It’s been a while since I’ve read a fun middle grade book and this one caught my eye. I’ve been trying to find some fun books to go along with the more serious books that I’ve been getting more recently. Can we start with the cover for this one?? It’s adorable!! This is the story about seventh-grader Joseph, who has ADD, basically no friends, and is bullied. The first day of seventh grade, one of his teachers convinces him to join the track team where he meets Heather.  She’s tough and athletic and won’t be pushed around by the bullies. It sounds like this is the story of a boy who figures things out as he is starts running.  I’m excited, this looks adorable, but doesn’t come out until August, so be patient my friends!


The Goldfish Boy by Lisa Thompson26891408

There’s an interesting story behind this book. I met a local bookseller recently, like this week, and it’s a tiny shop but it has a wonderful assortment.  Anyway, the owner is really awesome and had a box of old ARCs he had received sitting out that we could take if we made a donation.  So, I dug through and found this short little thing.  I didn’t realize it’s considered a children’s book, but that’s alright. This is the story about a boy with severe OCD who witnesses a kidnapping I believe of the neighbor boy, but he doesn’t leave his house or I believe his room much.  But he ends up being the last one to see this boy. I’m interested to see how this is approached as a children’s book. This book came out in February.


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