Review Policy

Hey guys!

I’ve been reviewing books for over two years now and have been approached by authors to review books and I thought that writing this up would also help.

I am more than willing to review any books that you might want me to.  Know that no matter what I will always give my honest opinion of the book.  I love reading and sharing my opinions of the books that I read.  I prefer to read YA, but will read just about anything, my favorites being fiction, fantasy, mystery/thriller, supernatural, and cooking.  I also am willing to look at certain mid-grade books, and have a young mind who helps me with those as well.

If you want me to review one of your books or have any business inquiries, you can contact me here, by email (, or on Goodreads.  If you decide to send me a physical copy (preferably), I will provide my address to you then, otherwise feel free to send me a copy that I can read on my Kindle (preferably mobi, but pdf also works).

Any questions, feel free to send me an email!  I look forward to hearing from my fellow bookwoms and booklovers!  Happy Reading!!